The Camp PMC® Certification Program is a personal learning experience designed with separate development paths for metal clay artisans and metal clay instructors. Cathy Flesher is a Camp PMC Principal Instructor and national handmade jewelry design and teaching artist specializing in the use of metal clay, bead, wire, solder, and glass.


Skill Level: All

The Camp PMC® Certification program is a personal learning experience designed for those who love metal clay and looking to expand skills and opportunities!  After successful certification completion, you can advance your skills through project-based Artisan courses. 

The certification course may be scheduled at any time upon request and can be taught either online or in-person. The cost is $ 450.00 for online and $ 475.00 for in-person. For this price, you will receive one-on-one personalized instruction and custom dates are now available

To check availability for a specific date please contact Cathy Flesher via email at Once confirmed you will be able to purchase through the Registration | Payment link in the left frame menu.

Through successful completion of the certification course, you will receive an 8% discount on future purchases of PMC clays through Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply. You will also receive a certificate from Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

This two-session course is designed for students interested in learning the fundamental skills required to work with metal clays.  You'll learn several techniques including rolling, texturing, cutting, carving, sculpting, molding, refining, firing and polishing. Extra time will be taken to discuss firing processes and you will practice torch firing along with kiln firing.

You will make five (5) projects including three (3) wrapped beads, a pair of earrings with a fireable stone, a wrapped ring with a fireable stone, a double textured pendant with syringe detail, and a sculpted toggle clasp. The included materials kit consists of 20g of PMC3, 25g of PMC OneFire 950 Sterling, 5g of PMC Flex, 9gof PMC syringe, a pair of sterling silver ear wires, fireable stones, embeddables, consumables, and a student course manual. You get more than $ 200 of clay and materials (plus free shipping for online students) included as part of the class fees!

Student Testimonials

"If anyone has any doubt, they can work with metal clay, Cathy dispels those doubts with her gentle, step-by-step teaching and demonstrations. She understands not only your question but your concerns behind the questions. Regardless of age, experience or background in jewelry, Cathy will enrich your learning experience and you will enjoy learning from her.”

- Sandy K., online student, Arizona

"While some artists / instructors can be intimidating to work with, Cathy has an easy, laid back teaching style that puts the student at ease and helps you develop an "I can do this" attitude."

- Abby B., online student, New Jersey

"This course taught by Cathy is a must take for anyone interested in learning the correct, entry-level methods of working with metal clay. She is informative, knowledgeable, patient, creative and most importantly kind."

- Andrea B., online student, Georgia

"This is the best metal clay class I have ever taken. The instruction is clear and easy to understand even for the novice metalsmith. I look forward to taking additional classes."

- Charlotte H., online student, Virginia

"Cathy is an excellent and knowledgeable instructor. Even though the class was online I never felt confused or unsure about the process or projects. Having her recorded videos

to go through after was so helpful to go back and reference and I loved having the ability to work from my own home and complete the projects at my own pace!"

- Melissa P., online student, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Cathy is a gifted instructor who helped me refine my skills and pieces! I have much more confidence in my abilities to take on more complex and exciting projects.”

- Christina M., online student, California

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the difference between the online versus in-person class experience?

There is no difference in the content covered. The in-person experience takes two full days from 9am to 5pm to complete all five projects. The online course is often preferred if you desire to work at your own pace and complete the projects after the course sessions are complete. Regardless of format, I share a significant amount of process pictures, videos, and tips along with the standard course material.

How do you teach the online course?

We will meet using Zoom, an online video conference platform that you access through your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone that allows face-to-face interaction just like an in-person classroom. Lecture, live demonstration, process pictures, and customized videos are used throughout the course to help illustrate and reinforce concepts across all the projects. You are able to ask questions interactively as I explain concepts, show techniques, and share examples.

How long is each online session?

The certification course consists of two separate online sessions across consecutive days. Each session usually takes about 4 hours each. Because each course is personalized you can request a specific time that works best for your schedule. 

If I'm taking the online course, when do I work on the projects?

While it's certainly possible to begin working on projects while participating in the online course, most students absorb the lecture and discussion, watch and learn from the videos, and ask questions during the course. Project work begins after the course.

Do you provide project consulting?

In addition to class instruction time, I am also available outside of class to answer questions and provide advice as you work on your projects. Part of the value of taking a course from me is the personalized mentorship I offer you as you learn and grow your skills over time.

Do you provide project reference materials?

Yes! Regardless of whether you take the course online or in-person you will be provided access to a secure, private online folder of course reference documents as well as all course videos via an unlisted YouTube playlist so you can review at your own pace after the class. Online students also receive recordings of each Zoom session. All videos remain available for a minimum of 30 days after the course wraps up.

What should I expect after registration?

Within 48 hours of registration, you will receive a confirmation email along with a course materials list.

What tools do I need?

I provide all tools and materials for in-person students. For online students, I often "loan" a student tool kit that can be shipped with the course materials and later purchased upon course completion or returned to me. I can also provide kiln firing services for a small fee.

How can I reserve custom dates?

To check availability for a specific date please contact Cathy Flesher via email at  Once confirmed you will be able to purchase through the Registration | Payment link in the left frame menu.

What is the course cancellation policy?

For online students, no refunds are given for cancellations made after the clay, manual, and materials have been shipped to you. For in-person students, no refunds are given for cancellations made within 7 days of course start. However, full credit is offered for a future course taken within six months of cancellation.

If cancellation is made prior to shipment of materials (or more than 7 days in the case of in-person students), a full refund, less a $ 25.00 administrative charge to cover credit card processing fees, will be provided.

The Camp PMC® Certification Program is proudly supported by Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation, Sawtooth School for Visual Art, Clay Revolution, and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.